nyahello there!
hi!! i just started this website recently :3 so it's currently under construction!!! pls be patient while i keep working on it :D

it's somewhat mobile compatible but
definitely works best on google chrome !

thank u for stopping by ପ(๑•ᴗ•๑)ଓ ♡

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i've felt really bored of and disillusioned with a lot of social media for awhile now. i realized that it just wasn't a place that i could run and escape to anymore like it was in my childhood.

my otaku brain dreamed of a place where i could express myself and embrace my love for sweet and cute things.

i'm not the best at coding and stuff and i'm still learning the basics LOL but here we are!!! i hope my lil zone for all the things that make me happie in life makes u smile too!!!!

feel free to say hi in the comment box on the right!!!!!

  i love emu otori!!!

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2024年02月18日: made a new blog post and changed a few things in my about page〜

2023年04月09日: i changed my site name + made a blog page as well as a magazine scan page. will update the links to those on my homepage soon !

2023年03月27日: i made a diary page!! i made the graphic notebook thingy on my own even tho i'm a photoshop noob heh i'm proud of myself ^-^ need to add diary entries tho. also working on a blog page as well

2023年03月23日: i finally finished my about AAFDdfHSDF page (for the most part) added a blurb, favorites section, socials section, and interests list!! YEEEAAAWW

2023年03月22日: updated my about page but it's still not done!! plus changed the skin of the webamp player on my about page and moved the chatbox to the right. i plan on adding favs and stuff too asap

2023年03月16日: added a winamp player but it's kind of finnicky. technically it's a webamp player aka a remake of a winamp player!! i'm not sure if i'm going to keep it or not but i think it's cute! also currently working on an about me page but it's not done yet lol... i haven't updated my site in awhile but i wanted to get back into coding again xD i'm planning to add more stuff to the sidebars too.