lil blurb

ok so i am not the best at writing about myself but here we go lol !! i'm keiki aka just some lil nerd who decided to code a website.

am a soft crybaby. pien pien. i liek squishy food and toys and make believe. my imagination makes me happy

i have a plethora of special interests tht i thoughtloop about and i enjoy dedicating my life 2 them... so ya you could say i can get obsessive XD

i LOVE heartfelt coming-of-age movies, musicals, my weighted blanket, sparkling beverages, acrylic keychains, and fluffy clothes.

i HATE loud sounds, instagram, discourse, animal meat, politics, and horror.

i'm rly introverted and shy and like to keep to myself or to talk to my plushies. sometimes i shut away from the world and forget 2 interact with ppl OOPz

most days u can find me singing along to vocaloid songs + city pop. or maybe eating instant ramen. or maybe rolling around in the MUD (jk i don't go outside)

P.S. I LIEK 2 PRETEND 2 B A COWBOYY yeehaw ♡(>ᴗ•)

⋆ color: pastel pink + blue
⋆ activity: singing
⋆ song: moon spectre by kikuo
⋆ anime: nana
⋆ musician: ALI PROJECT
⋆ tv show: avatar the last airbender
⋆ movie: howl's moving castle
⋆ vocaloid: hatsune miku
⋆ videogame: proseka
⋆ brand: h.NAOTO
⋆ artist: nao tsukiji
⋆ kpop group: newjeans
⋆ k-drama: extraordinary attorney woo
⋆ vtuber: enna alouette
⋆ fictional character: asahina mafuyu
⋆ food: salmon sashimi
⋆ snack: puchao
⋆ drink: ramune

about me
    name:      keiki
    mbti:      infp-t
    sign:        ☼ gemini ☽ virgo

nyahello! my name is keiki.
i also go by kei, bunny, and nene.

i'm an aspiring idol and also a maid! my favorite thing to do in the world is to sing n dance hehehe

i love j-fashion, rhythm games, shōjo anime, sci-fi and all things vocaloid.

pls be patient i have autism
socials + links

anime: romantic killer, maid-sama, parakiss, nana, chainsaw man, spyxfamily, wotakoi, ergo proxy, death note, psycho-pass
tv shows: arcane, steven universe, the clone wars, atla, andor, adventure time, over the garden wall, extraordinary attorney woo
movies: nightmare before christmas, ponyo, howl's moving castle, shiki-jitsu, words bubble up like soda pop, corpse bride, high school musical, twilight
music: ali project, kikuo, babymetal, baby vox, tommy february6, kairiki bear, ichiko aoba, mika nakashima, moka, malice mizer, pinocchiop, lamp, mothy, Mitchie M, poison girlfriend, kairiki bear
videogames: proseka, animal crossing, tetris, story of seasons, d4dj, bandori, muse dash, project diva, nier:automata, va-11 hall-a
characters: asahina mafuyu, ootori emu, PAREO, tennoji rina, usui nagi, hoshino anzu, peridot
vtubers: gawr gura, maria marionette, enna alouette, houshou marine, ninomae ina'nis, magni dezmond, gavis bettel
brands: axes femme, ank rouge, h.NAOTO, ozz croce, vivienne westwood, LIZ LISA, jenny fax, angelic pretty, MILK, ank rouge, mikio sakabe, baby the stars shine bright